Rika Putri is a Graphic Designer in San Francisco. 

Born in Indonesia and raised in Singapore, Rika cultivated her passion for the arts at a young age. Growing up overseas, it instinctively drives her to work efficiently and adapt quickly to any space or situation. She takes pride in devoting attention and understanding to every project which enables her to works closely with her fellow peers and clientele. Her sharp eye for good design comes from her devotion to precision in everything she takes on. She is multilingual with her main languages being English, Indonesian and Mandarin.

She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the Academy of Art University in 2010. She was sourced and hired by Gensler San Francisco; a global architectural and design firm in 2012, and has been there ever since.

She specializes in both print and digital with her strong focus on branding, typography, editorial design, photography and videography. 

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Thanks! Carpe diem.